Review: Gabriella Cohen at the Mohawk

Photo by Kaitlyn Murphy

Photo by Kaitlyn Murphy

Last Friday, Foxygen fans got a breath of fresh air in the form of the band's opening act for their show at the Mohawk: Gabriella Cohen. Cohen began her set simply, with just her guitar, vox, and accompaniment on harmony by bandmate and creative partner Kate “Babyshakes” Dillon for “Miserable Baby."

I’m miserable baby, I just keep on getting high

It’s three in the morning, and I’ve run myself dry

You called from L.A.

I forgot how to say

“Oh please stay”

The band’s first song gave a hint to the heartache and harmonies to come. Each song oozes with lovesickness and just a hint of cheekiness. Cohen isn’t a complete downer, though; during one of her songs she breaks out, “I just love being in love!” Dillon also delivered an on-the-spot monologue about love, likening those who try to change themselves for the love of another person to plums trying to be bananas. It’s clear that the duo, backed on bass and drums by Arun Roberts and Danni Ogilvie, have a lot to say about romance.

Critics have likened Cohen’s unique rasp to Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, but the addition of Dillon’s high harmonies bring something distinctly sweet to the mix. There is an unabashed romanticism and nostalgia to Gabriella Cohen’s music that is striking and we’ll be jamming to her album Full Closure and No Details to quench our romantic angst.