Venus Spotlight: Ava Albert

Photos by Shaun Austin

Photos by Shaun Austin

Who is Ava?

I consider myself enlightened but nowadays that definition differs from person to person. Long story short, I'm just a carefree black girl with an unhealthy obsession for music, basketball, and facts. I listen to albums cover to cover and I'm trying to get Dawkins to add a WNBA Channel to his feed.

How would you describe your work?

I would best describe my work as colorful gloom. I'm starting to hear sounds as colors, it has been a pretty dope process. Once I’ve begun gathering sounds I try to use a lot of browns, grays, olives, teals etc. nothing too bright.

Who are your inspirations?

I have always appreciated Missy Elliott for her creativity and Alicia Keys for her work ethic. Alicia has been classically trained in piano and cello since early childhood, so her musicianship speaks for itself. But Missy? Missy always had abnormal beats, every space of the bar has a sound occupying it. When those beats and sounds are all put together in a loop, you get amazing hits like the shit off of Miss E… So Addictive- “Get Ur Freak On”,  “One Minute Man” and “Work It” or tracks like “Gossip Folks” from the Under Construction album. Missy is the GOAT.

What are some challenges you face being in the music industry?

The only challenges I could experience pursuing my line of work are those spawned by me. If I want it, I’ve got to get it. Yeah, I'm certainly a statistic in the career I'm pursuing (being black and a woman), but someone has to break that glass ceiling. I will gladly accept that challenge.

Hallelujah Cover Art by  anabananafo

Hallelujah Cover Art by anabananafo



You can find Ava’s work on Soundcloud and follow her on her personal Instagram and Twitter.

You can find even more on the Kno.Ledge Instagram or Twitter.


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