Summer Jam: Screwberry Sunshine by Brooklyn White x Don D

Brooklyn White is quickly becoming one of our favorite creatives. After dropping out of college at nineteen to pursue a rap career in NYC, she is rapidly coming into her own and carving out a space in the bustling city. She recently dropped a mixtape, Screwberry Sunshine, with producer Don D and we wanted some insight into her process. Listen to Screwberry Sunshine and get a glimpse into the mind of Brooklyn White. 

Brooklyn White and producer Don D 

Brooklyn White and producer Don D 

Is there an overarching theme behind the mixtape?

Several. My answer for this changes daily. Right now though, INDEPENDENCE. I've learned so much about myself and cared more for myself in the last year than I ever have. 


What was the inspiration for the title of your mixtape?

I'm into strawberries because they represent love and rebirth. They've become my symbol. There's no deep meaning behind the title, I was just bouncing ideas off of Don and he liked 'Screwberry Sunshine'. It just creates a good mental picture.


How was the writing and recording process?

It was laid back and organic. I would travel from NYC to Connecticut after work on Fridays and Don would have a relaxed vibe brewing when I pulled up. Incense, movies, Henny, laughs...all the good stuff.

We would go through beats until I heard something I liked. Don actually crafted a beat for me in my face; it was dope to witness. I'd just be on the sofa, in the zone, piecing lyrics together. Taking old bars, tweaking em and writing new verses.

Recording was a breeze. A lot of stuff was done in one or two takes. Time was of the essence so I couldn't spend mad time on one song.


Do you approach music the same way you do your visual art?

No. I create art way more frequently because I'm inspired to do it more often and it's faster. I can do a portrait in an hour, but a body of work takes a bit more time than that. I'm also more careful with music because I realize the power of my words.



Who are some of your musical heroes?

Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige. Missy overcame fear and anxiety and produced some of the best work I've ever seen/heard. Her word choice, cadence, subject matter, beats, and personal style were and are true to her. I wanna link with her ASAP. I have to.

Mary J. Blige has publicly personified pain, fun, and truth for 25 years. I've always liked her, but Don put me on to her latest album, 'Strength of a Woman', and I was like YOOOO she's going in!!! Now I'm going back and jamming her old stuff and it's changing my life.


What is your favorite lyric on the mixtape?

“I'm tired of shit, pitch ideas to White folk who don't get it”.


Who produced the mixtape and what was that relationship like?

Don D the legend. I love Don, straight up. We're friends. He's hilarious, but serious about getting stuff done. He does not play when it comes to money or time and I respect it.

We talk often. I'll FaceTime him and be like "aight so I'm thinking about reaching out to such and such about the tape - should I?" or text him iPhone recordings of verses. We share art, philosophies,'s a great relationship.


What are your next plans for the mixtape?

Don and I have many things in the works. Clothes, shows, more music, videos...yuh. We're just getting started.




Read our past interview with Brooklyn and listen to Screwberry Sunshine below.