The Importance of Superficial Self-Care

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Illustrations by Kassidy Curry 

Self care was quite possibly the biggest buzz-phrase of 2017. I personally blame the election for causing us to all spiral into a self-preserving, pure-survival state of existence. Maybe this is just growing up, who knows. We're all searching for the lidocaine to our suffering and who's to say it isn't at the bottom of our favorite face mask

I would bet anyone that there are at least 3 people wearing face masks while reading this. Not that I can judge- I just cleansed, masked, toned, rose sprayed, and put on at least three different creams. Then I made hot chocolate with Kahlua because alcohol is great for your skin, right? Self-care can be a challenging world to maneuver and in the age of aesthetics it can be even more difficult to get back to the roots. Often the superficial side of self-care is what people attack and call self-indulgent or lazy, but it is equally as important to take a break and pamper yourself as it is to practice more practical self-care. 

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Shower time is honestly one of my favorite ways to de-stress and not think about anything for a few minutes. I've recently been working on using shampoo less and fixing my hair from years of dyeing and stressing it out. That's why I was so excited when Maple Holistics reached out to have us test their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo*. If you don't already know, tea tree oil smells like heaven and almost immediately relaxes you. This shampoo is seriously amazing and I have cut way back on having to wash my hair. Plus, Maple Holistics focuses on natural ingredients so I know it isn't hurting my hair. If you want to try it out for yourself Maple Holistics has a great free sample program so you can test it out without the commitment.

Self-care is a vitally important survival tool and 2017 took it to a new level. The daily stress and trauma that we are going through is enough to make anyone crack. The self-care boom has made it easier for us to cope, even if just for a 20 minute face mask. Here's my request for 2018: dust off the haters, grab your bath bomb and puppy videos, and take care of yourself however you need to.


*disclaimer: we received this product at no cost in exchange for our honest review




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