Artist Yaycake Launches The Pansexual Erotica Coloring Book


Artist Yaycake recently launched the Pansexual Erotica Coloring Book online for free download at, welcoming donations to support Planned Parenthood and to promote a sex-positive and sexually diverse culture. The adult-rated coloring book includes 52 original pieces by the artist featuring a variety of sexualities, subjects, and fun-to-color patterns. On her motivation to create and release the coloring book for free download online, the artist Yaycake said, “I wanted to provide a creative outlet to reconnect with our bodies, our sexualities, our genitalia, in a way that encourages exploration and acceptance rather than shame and stigma. After facing much of the shame and stigma in the obstacles for self-publishing through different, established networks like Amazon-- I decided to push the book out there myself and encourage donations to Planned Parenthood. Hopefully, this gets the book to more people who will appreciate and create community cultures that promote sexual diversity, sex-positivity, and sexual education.”

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A few challenges and strategies led the artist to go with the free/donate-as-you-wish model:

— Originally, the artist had tried to self-publish on CreateSpace, an Amazon platform for independent authors before her coloring book proofs were confiscated by the Chinese customs and the book was taken down from after 2 days of availability.

— The concept had been borne to create something that would help raise awareness and political action against the regulation of female and queer sexuality by encouraging donations for Planned Parenthood.

— The artist aims to offer an example of a strong female and queer-influenced gaze in erotica and sexuality in a heavily cis-gendered and male focused mainstream culture.

About The Pansexual Erotica Coloring Book:

You can download the coloring book PDF for free at Recommended for audiences 18+ years or older; viewer discretion is advised. Donations to Planned Parenthood are welcome; for those who do not wish to endorse Planned Parenthood, donations to the artist directly through her GoFundMe are welcome at For direct links to PDF downloads, please click on this Dropbox link or the Google Drive link.

About Yaycake:

Yaycake is an artist currently based in Chengdu, China, with her heart split between Brooklyn, Seattle, and Taipei. Her mission is to help create and build a more inclusive world, using art and technology to design a future of sustainable social justice. You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram @yaycake.

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